Customise Your Space
Design, Develop, Manufacture, Install, Architectural Joinery

NOVO – Latin for: make anew, refresh, revive, change, alter, invent

‘Q’ for: Quality in Design, Manufacture, Service and Price

Want to know more about customising your space?  You’ll find everything you need, including product design and advice, here at Novo Q Design.

Tell us what you want … we’ll do our best to provide it!

Joinery plays a huge part in our everyday environment. Being displayed either commercially or domestically, joinery is an element that has the ability to express a sense of feeling and individuality in helping to appreciate ones existing backdrop and surrounding.


Novo Q Design, Customise, Manufacture and Manage to your design/project specification, providing products to suit all areas

Our Commitment

Novo Q Design is your ‘one stop shop’ business partner in furniture, kitchens, customised joinery, cabinetry, and office furniture.

We are a family owned business and highly value the relationships we develop with our customers. Pushing ourselves with each project, we provide you with a service that enriches your personal opinion.

Our Commitment here at NOVO Q DESIGN is to develop and maintain a strong, long term relationship with our exclusive customer base.

We achieve this by providing you with total end to end manufacture, custom joinery and innovative design solution.

Company Profile

Australian owned and operated, Melbourne based Custom Joinery Company.  We maintain control of the Quality of our Products, Services, Timeframes, utilising our in house Computerised Machinery, Assembly, Design and Quality Assurance System.

Novo Q Design is an integrated supplier, which manufacture’s, sources and distributes Modern Contemporary Furniture to Australian businesses.

The company operates out of Victorian Head Office and controls all facets of the manufacture, sourcing and supply business internally.

From the manufacturing right through to the supply, with over 15 years in European and Local experience, we at Novo Q Design, place a huge Emphasis on Communication and Transparency throughout the entire project, to guarantee satisfaction and meet within budget.

Our experienced tradesmen use advanced machinery so that Novo Q Design can deliver a wide range of customised and architecturally designed products in a range of materials and finishes manufactured locally.

Joinery and cabinetry manufacturing has always been a big part of Novo Q Design and continues to play a significant role in our development.  The apartment, hotel, retail and office fit-outs can be found amongst the most exciting and prestigious addresses within Australia.

Our business has been built on a foundation of strong principles, integrity, stability and hard work which contributes to our success.  We ensure our satisfied clients continue to confidently acquire our services for many and varied projects.  We offer our clients the best solution to their projects through our manufacturing options, project advice and dedication to achieving the results you require through quality, service and price.

What We Offer

Not just great designs, but a manufacturing and sourcing strategy focused on Quality, Affordable Product’s, which enhances your Space and Life.

At the end of the day your image can’t afford to go without quality and styleSupplying a product that delivers your requirements and complimenting the clients’ uniqueness.

The current environment is subject to constant change, time sensitive supply and shorter forecast times.  The ability as an Australian owned customised manufacturer, allows for flexibility of product and design to budget whilst protecting our ability to provide exclusive goods and services, to our customer.

Manufacturing of Everything Architecturally, Interior Designed and Specified, in TIMBER, VENEER, LAMINATE and METAL.

When you think of a joiner you may think Cabinet making and kitchen manufacturing, but this is only a small part of the service Novo Q Design provides to our clients.

Woodwork, Cabinet Making, Carpentry, Wood Carving, Woodcraft, Metal Fabrication and Furniture Making are all words used to describe the word ‘Joinery’; these words define Novo Q Design.